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SALIX - Præstantia Performance Cricket Bat 2015
Præstantia Performance Cricket Bat   2015
Code: BS6150
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Made from excellent quality Grade 2 English willow.
The Præstantia for 2016 is characterised by its very low driving area. The flatter face and long, low bow blend into the profile to create this much lower sweetspot, giving a pendulum effect, whilst retaining an easy, comfortable pick up. This is a very accessible bat, making the finest manufacturing available to players of all levels.
Modern (flatter) face profile.
Substantial edges.
Low bow.
Very low driving area.
Shallow concave sanding.
Rounder oval handle.
Fitted toe guard.
For front foot players and lower, slower wickets.
Comes Workshop Prepared - The preparation by Salix which takes the bat to the point of knocking in by the owner. Linseed waxed during finishing then Bat Vaxed at the toe before application of strong UK made anti-scuff. This gives the bat a sound foundation for the first season with oiling required before the second season’s usage.

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