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KEELEY - Superior Premium GRADE 1
Superior Premium GRADE 1
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An unrivalled reputation and name in professional and international cricket’
ALL adult bats handmade in the Keeley workshop in East Sussex by Tim and Nick Keeley.
Made with 40 years of experience of making for the best players in the world. Many great players come to Tim and Nick for their bats.
All Keeley bats use a superb 12 piece handle of cane with 3 rubber sections and cork, giving strength, the right level of flex and shock absorption to deliver maximum performance, and importantly a reduction in twist of the bat on impact.
All bats are TRIPLE pressed on a unique press, developed and perfected over timeto get the perfect level of high performance; an increased bow; softness; and life expectancy from the blade. This is a significant element of the craft of bat making that has been learned from long years of experience by modification of machines and amending specs for the modern game, setting Keeley apart from other manufacturers.
Tim finishes every bat with the perfect eye on getting the best from each piece of willow and the unrivalled knowledge to deliver a brilliant bat. International players keep coming back to Tim for their bats, and you cannot get any higher recommendation than that.

This is the BEST of the best. The finest willow personally selected by Tim and Nick.
Beautifully and painstakingly crafted to create a bat which will deliver on the pitch.
With simple beautiful stickers reminding you of the classic quality of the bat.
Full profile with NO concave profile developed with international cricketers, gives maximum power.
Quality handmade semi oval 12 piece handle giving strength; power and feel and twist reduction.
Semi round bat face also reduces twist.
Triple pressed to give the best response and performance.
English grip
Rubber toe protects against damp and knocks.

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